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AVR Concrete Pumping is dedicated to providing customers with 100% satisfaction for all of their concrete pumping needs. We are able to handle any size job, big or small; with a fleet of concrete pumps, ranging from 32 Meter (106 feet) reach to 45 Meter (145 feet) reach.



AVR Concrete Pumping customers understand that our pumping service benefits their bottom line, by saving them valuable time and money. Direct benefits from pumping concrete include: faster placement, greater accuracy, fewer employees, and better quality control.

Pumping concrete also provides a multitude of indirect benefits ranging from financial to physical. These include: less site traffic and prep work, greater safety for employees, a longer season, and happy neighbors.

AVR Concrete Pumping has been featured in numerous magazines and has set several concrete pumping records. If you are interested in what we can do for you, please give us a call.



The one thing that distinguishes AVR Concrete Pumping from the competition is customer service. Having the flexibility to respond quickly to customer demands and the ability to schedule around customer changes is a key selling point for AVR Concrete Pumping.

AVR Concrete Pumping prides itself on providing pumps whenever customers need them. AVR’s placing equipment is ready to be dispatched wherever needed for any size job.

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AVR Concrete Pumping features a full line of pumps and equipment to meet your job's requirements. Click on one of the truck sizes below to view their individual specifications and capabilites.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader© to view the above truck specifications. Click the graphic below to get a free copy.

AVR Concrete Pumping occasionally has placement equipment for sale. Check the Equipment for Sale section of our web site for current items.





AVR Concrete Pumping understands that a professional operator is essential to customer satisfaction and quality service. Therefore all AVR, Inc. pump operators are ACPA Certified (American Concrete Pumping Association), with a combined 45 years of pumping experience.

AVR pump operators have a demonstrated history to the safety of their customers, their pump trucks, and themselves. Our operators are also subject to AVR, Inc’s strictly enforced drug and alcohol program of ‘Zero Tolerance’.

AVR pump operators are required to wear the following protective equipment at all times:

  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses
  • Industrial Work Boots
  • Adequate Hand Protection
  • Hi-Visibility Vest

Hand Signals

It is important for the pump operator to know who will be giving the hand signals to direct movement of the boom. This must be only one person, who is identified prior to our arrival.

There are fourteen (14) safety hand signals - every AVR, Inc. concrete pump operator will know them.

Pre-Pumping Inspection/Meeting

Once an AVR, Inc. pump truck arrives on site, the operator will meet with the site supervisor to review the planned activities. Together they will agree on:

  • Safest location for setting up the pump, considering soil conditions, excavations, outriggers
  • Priming and washout area
  • Who will be providing the hand signals
  • Hose handling safety procedures

Pump Set Up Considerations

AVR, Inc. pump operators will review the following prior to setting up a pump truck:

  • Power line clearance (must maintain a minimum of 17’)
  • Pump truck and outriggers need to be 1’ back for every 1’ of depth from an excavation
  • Ground slope and soil conditions
  • Safe clearance for outrigger extension and placement
  • Safe access for ready mix trucks
  • Proper number and securing of required safety slings, chains, or cables, for any part of the pump that can fall and cause injury
  • All clamps are securely pinned

Hose Handling and Pumping Safety

Any employee that is assigned the task of guiding the discharge hose must be aware of the following safety guidelines:

  • Good communication with the pump operator will minimize the amount of hose handling required for the job. Let the pump truck do the work.
  • Keep Hose at Arms Length! Do Not hug the hose! Pressure within the line can cause the hose to whip forcefully when it discharges, and cause severe injury.
  • Keep the hose end 2’ above the concrete pouring elevation to minimize splatter.
  • Do Not kink the hose, as it can whip forcefully when the pressure is discharged.
  • Never reach into the receiving hopper, valve area, or water box! The machine may cycle unexpectedly from operation or line pressure!
  • Never pass under an extended outrigger, or stand near an outrigger when it’s moving.
  • Never stand between the pump truck hopper and a ready mix truck as it is backing up to the pump truck.
  • Be careful around the chute of a ready mix truck as it can swing suddenly.
  • Know where the pumps horn and emergency stop buttons are located.

Concrete Pumping - Project Showcase


View All Project Showcases

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: I-35W Bridge over Minnehaha Parkway

Contractor: Lunda Construction

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: Farmington Railroad Bridge 195th street

Contractor: Lunda Construction

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: Xcel Energy Highbridge Plant

Contractor: Knutson Construction

Highlights: Three 2500 cubic yard mat slabs were placed at an average rate of 500 yards per hour. AVR supplied the concrete and three pumps with a maximum placement rate of 600 cubic yards an hour.

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: Staples Office Supplies

Contractor: Northland Concrete & Masonry

Highlights: This project is a showcase of what our customers and building owners can expect from an ICF Building. This project is one of many projects in a high profile and busy development, which will help to showcase the benefits of ICF construction as well as other innovative uses of concrete.

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: Gopher Resources Floor Rehabilitation

Contractor: Langer Construction

Highlights: SCC concrete at a 30” spread was pumped through ports in the one inch thick steel plated floor. It was crucial that there were no voids between the floor and the pumped concrete after completion.

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: Eagan Ice Arena

Contractor: Rink-Tec International & Steenberg-Watrud Construction

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: Camden Avenue Bridge over I-94

Contractor: Lunda Construction

Pumping and Placing Image Gallery

Project: I-694 Bridge over TH-5

Contractor: Lunda Construction

Concrete Mix: Design Test Summary

State highway agencies are increasingly specifying High Performance Concrete (HPC) to build or rebuild bridges. HPC uses the same basic materials as conventional concrete, but the mix proportions are engineered to meet the specific demands of an individual project.

In an effort to facilitate performance-based specifications, MnDOT selected the I-694 bridge deck over TH-5 as its first project in the state to specify High Performance bridge deck concrete mixes designed by the contractor. AVR worked closely with Lunda Construction to develop the HPC mix to enhance constructability and meet the strict performance criteria per the MnDOT specifications.

View All Project Showcases

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