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Zip-Strip is the fastest, most economical way to form a control joint in a slab. The formation of the control joint only takes a few minutes during the normal finishing process.

As the concrete cures, shrinkage cracking will occur at the plane of weakness created by the zip-strip instead of at random locations. The Zip-Strip control joint is faster, easier, and far less expensive than saw cutting or checker boarding. Again, to make your project a little easier, we offer Zip-Strip in 10 foot lengths.

If you are interested, please call AVR dispatch at (952) 997-9100 or AME dispatch at (763)441-2800 to order and we will include them in your next delivery.

Expansion Joint


Fiber board expansion joint is composed of asphalt impregnated fibers that are bonded together to produce a compressible, resilient, non-extruding concrete expansion joint filler. Expansion joint should be protected from water infiltration and weathering with a suitable joint sealant.

Fiber board should be installed against the forms or other abutting structures, as detailed on the plans, before placing concrete. The filler should be installed 1/2" below the concrete surface and sealed with a high quality joint sealing compound to protect from water infiltration and weathering.

If you are interested, please call AVR dispatch at (952) 997-9100 or AME dispatch at (763)441-2800 to order and we will include them in your next delivery.

Recycled Stacking Blocks


AVR and its affiliate, AME, have been selling recycled, stacking blocks of concrete for use in walls and bunkers for over thirty years.

In today’s world of recycling and green building credits, our recycled concrete blocks are a way to build an instant wall that will stand up to difficult circumstances and help the environment.

From commercial and industrial storage bunkers to agriculture product storage bins to landscaping walls for screening, this product is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to accomplish your goal. All this and Green too!!!!


There are basically two products from which to choose.

First, a basic gray block for use in commercial, agricultural, and industrial bunker storage use that is available from many of our locations.

Second, a textured screening wall block that can be stained to match or compliment any colors needed and provides a very attractive wall for the community. These blocks are currently available only from AME. These blocks have an Ashler dry stack texture on one side that provides a very attractive exterior to the wall. Half blocks and beveled Cap Blocks are available to dress up the wall too. Angled blocks can be produced with adequate notice and information.

If you are located on the south side of the metro area, give us a call at 952-997-9100 for information on pickup or delivery pricing.

If you are located on the north side of the metro area, or interested in the textured wall block, give Tom Barrett a call at 763-441-2800 for pickup or delivery pricing.

No footings necessary, these blocks can be delivered and operational in a very short time.

Give us a call!

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