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 CONCRETE: Quality Control & Engineering



AVR, Inc. & Affiliates is committed to quality control.

We constantly research and test every aspect of concrete to perfect and improve our overall concrete quality and capabilities. There are hundreds of combinations of cements, concrete admixtures, aggregates and other cementitious materials. We test every cement, every aggregate, and every admixture that we use in our concrete to be sure they conform to manufacturer's standards and perform as expected.

With a catalog of well over 1000 active mix designs, AVR, Inc. is able to meet specific needs of contractors and engineers alike. Performance and Specification driven mixes are tailored to structural requirements and each mix is evaluated to make certain that criteria are met.

We have a staff of 10 ACI/MnDOT certified plant and QC technicians working on site and in our yards to insure that our materials and mixes meet or exceed all ASTM and state road building specifications. Our lab is equipped with a compression machine for breaking cylinders, beams and mortar cubes with capacity up to 500,000 pounds. This data is used to help ensure that our concrete meets or exceeds the requirements for your project.



Below is a list of helpful literature that can be downloaded and printed for quick reference.

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Cement & Fly Ash Certifications


Admixture Certifications

Air Entraining Certs

Water Reducer Certs

Retarder Certs

Accelerator Certs

Super Plasticizer Certs 

Corrosion Inhibitor Certs

Viscosity Modifying Agent Certs

Shrinkage Reducer Certs

Hydration Control Certs

Fiber Certifications 

Aggregate Gradations





Air Entraining

Water Reducer



Super Plasticizer 

Corrosion Inhibitor

Viscosity Modifying Agent

Shrinkage Reducer

Hydration Control





AVR, Inc. & Affiliates is committed to help you with your concrete related training. Choose from any of the topics below, or contact us if you are interested in something else that is not on the list. We will customize our training to fit your needs.

Possible topics:

  • ACI Flatwork Finisher
  • Concrete production and plant tour
  • Concrete and the USGBC LEED™ rating system
  • Concrete testing - What to expect from your testing agency
  • Concrete 101 - The basics of aggregate, admixtures and cementitious materials
  • Self-consolidating concrete basics
  • Decorative concrete basics
  • Pervious concrete basics



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