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 Decorative and Colored Concrete

Concrete is extremely versatile - it can be formed, shaped, textured and colored in any way imaginable. Architectural and decorative concrete refers to a substance that combines an aesthetic finish and structural capabilities. Many people do not realize that concrete comes in many colors. There is much more than just your common gray. Interior floors, exterior flatwork, and building design elements can all be enhanced with color and texture to add visual value to any project. At AVR, Inc. & Affiliates we can produce and deliver concrete in hundreds of differing colors.

AVR, Inc. & Affiliates offers integrally colored concrete. Integrally colored concrete is colored throughout the slab. Liquid color is added to the ready mix truck prior to loading to ensure thorough mixing by the time the truck arrives on site. Integrally colored concrete results in pastel and earth-tone colors. Colored concrete is becoming one of the most popular segments in the ready mix concrete business. Stenciling and stamping are also growing and making concrete much more decorative all over the country.

We have partnered with Prism Pigments for our integral color to give you the customer virtually an unlimited color palate to choose from. Please view the COLOR CHARTS below, or give us a call if you are in need of a custom color. Prism’s extensive cross-reference library makes finding the perfect match easy.



We have compiled many residential concrete construction tips and recommendations into one place. Click on the link below to view the document or download it and print it off to review at a later date.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader© to view this document. Click the graphic below to get a free copy.




Important Notice! Colors shown on this website are approximate. Color monitors and printers may vary the shade and hue of these samples. We recommend you come in to see a more accurate representation of these and other colors we have available. Please call our Apple Valley dispatch at (952) 997-9100 or our Elk River dispatch at (763) 441-2800.



All colored concrete needs to be cured and sealed to ensure proper color uniformity and brilliance. Once the concrete has hardened on the surface a sealer or curing agent is applied. Sealing and curing decorative concrete not only enhances the work, but protects it as well. In order to ensure our customers the best quality, AVR, Inc. & Affiliates recommends and sells a private label brand of sealers. We recommend the following

  • Apple Cure - Apple Cure is a solvent base curing and sealing compound used for curing freshly placed concrete. It can also be applied after 28 days as a sealer. It should be applied as soon as you can without marring the surface. Application rate is 300-400 Square feet per gallon.
  • Apple Cure W.B. - Apple Cure W.B. is a water-based curing and sealing compound used to cure freshly placed concrete. It also can be applied after 28 days as a sealer. It should be applied as soon as you can without marring the surface. Application rate is 300-400 square feet per gallon.
  • AVR Dissipating Cure- AVR Dissipating Curing Compound is a solvent based curing compound that after 28 days becomes brittle and will wear off the surface. It should be applied one hour after finishing or as soon as you can apply without marring the surface. Application rate is 200-300 square feet per gallon.
  • AVR Siloxane - AVR Siloxane is an excellent penetrating sealer that can be applied after the concrete has cured 28 days. Application rate is 100-200 square feet per gallon. Concrete should be cured with AVR Dissipating Cure.
  • Apple Glaze - Apple Glaze is a high solids sealer that when applied to exposed aggregate concrete or color-conditioned concrete will enhance the color and give the surface a glossy wet look. Application rate is 300-400 square feet per gallon.

Please call AVR dispatch at (952) 997-9100 or AME dispatch at (763) 441-2800 to order.

For more information on our Finishing, Curing and Sealing products click here.

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