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 Buckeye Fiber



AVR, Inc. & Affiliates is pleased to introduce Buckeye UltraFiber 500™ to their product line.

UltraFiber 500™ is the revolutionary, custom-modified cellulose fiber, which is alkali resistant and provides numerous advantages like superior finishing and excellent crack reduction.

UltraFiber 500™ is manufactured from one of the strongest cellulose fibers known to man and has over 700 million crack-fighting fibers per pound! These fibers disperse evenly throughout the concrete. This facilitates their ability to intersect micro-cracks as they may form, disperse the tensile stress, and reduce macro-cracks.

UltraFiber 500™ meets code evaluations and is patented. The unique chip form enables the product to be automatically conveyed and metered for accurate and reliable loading into the mixer. The addition of fiber can now be printed on the certificate of compliance.



UltraFiber 500™ is ideal for all concrete slab-on-grade applications. These include patios, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, home slabs, swimming pool decks, outdoor basketball courts, concrete landscaping, curbs, and more.

UltraFiber 500™ offers the contractor a wide variety of beautiful finishes including trowel, broom, exposed aggregate, and many others.



UltraFiber 500™ is the ideal fiber for providing outstanding plastic shrinkage crack control in decorative concrete for 2 major reasons:

  1. Provides Superior Finishing
    • No fiber balling, no blemishes, no surface fuzz, and richer pigment and stain tones.
    • UltraFiber 500™ readily absorbs pigmentation and stains whereas polypropylene fibers cannot.
    • Only UltraFiber 500™ blends into colored concrete and maintains the color for a superior decorative concrete appearance.
  2. Works well with All Steps in the Decorative Finishing Process
    • No adherence to stamps or skins
    • Works well with both liquid and dry release agents
    • Wicks in sealants, resulting in a beautiful surface with a solid sealing
    • No modifications to the normal, decorative finishing process are required.
UltraFiber 500™
absorbs pigmentation.
Polypropylene Fibers
will not absorb pigmentation.



Owners want a beautiful and durable concrete job. Contractors want predictable and crack resistant concrete. Cracks and surface defects add cost, reduce durability, and make the job difficult to sell.

UltraFiber 500™ fibers provide the performance you require plus superior finishability. They do not ball under the broom, do not display surface fuzz, and do not create unsightly surface blemishes.


With over 700 million fibers per pound, extremely high surface area, extensive bonding with cement, high fiber tensile strength, hydration enhancements, and extremely low spacing, UltraFiber 500™ is outstanding at intersecting micro-cracks as they form, dispersing the tensile stress, and reducing visible macro-cracks.



UltraFiber 500™ has many advantages versus welded wire fabric when used for secondary reinforcement.

  • UltraFiber 500™ is easy to use, whereas welded wire fabric is often installed incorrectly.
  • UltraFiber 500™ helps prevent craze cracks; welded wire fabric does not.
  • UltraFiber 500™ helps prevent temperature cracks, welded wire fabric does not.
  • UltraFiber 500™ does not rust or corrode, or require contractor storage.
  • UltraFiber 500™ saves labor, and costs less to buy and install.



UltraFiber 500™ was successfully tested against ICC Acceptance Criteria 217 as reported in ICC-ES ESR-1032.

Successful Testing by Certified Independent Labs includes the following:

  • ASTM 1018, Static Flexural Strength
  • ASTM C 173, Air Content and Unit Wt.
  • ASTM C 39, Compressive Strength
  • ASTM C 78, Flexural Strength
  • ICC AC217-Annex A, Evaluating Plastic Shrinkage Cracking
  • ASTM C 666(A), Freeze Thaw
  • ASTM C 234, Bond Strength
  • ASTM D 6942, Alkaline Stability
  • ICC AC217-Annex B, Evaluating Impact Resistance
  • ASTM C 856, Hydration
  • ASTM C 1399, Average Residual Strength
  • ISO 834, Fire Resistance
  • AC1544, Impact Resistance Specifications


  • Avg. Fiber Length 2.1mm
  • Avg. Denier 2.5
  • Avg. Fiber Diameter 18 microns
  • Fiber Count 720,000,000 fibers/lb
  • Fiber Density 1.1 g/cm3
  • Fiber Surface Area 25,000 cm2/g
  • Avg. Fiber Tensile 110 KSI

In concrete at 1.0 lb/cy dosage:

  • Fiber Count 720,000,000 fibers/cy
  • Fiber Spacing 960 microns
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