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AVR, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of BASF Admixtures as our new admixture supplier. The Admixture Systems business of BASF Construction Chemicals was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1909 as Master Builders, Inc. Early in the 20th century, the company was one of the first to supply water-reducing and air-entraining admixtures and to provide waterproofing for concrete mortars.

For nearly a century, BASF has continued to push the limits of chemistry and convention to develop and introduce products that improve concrete in any application. Today, the Admixture Systems business remains a leading innovator in the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical admixtures and silica fume for concrete used in the ready mix, precast, paving, manufactured concrete products and underground construction markets.

They offer the widest range of concrete admixtures available from a single source, which are used to improve the plastic properties of concrete such as placing, pumping, finishing and appearance. Their respected Master Builders brand products improve hardened, engineering properties of concrete. They ensure high strength and durability, inhibit corrosion of steel embedded in concrete, reduce permeability, improve resistance to chemical attack, allow effective placement of concrete in extreme weather conditions, and even enable concrete to be placed under water.

Please visit our Engineering Page to download MSDS and spec sheets for our new admixture offerings.



The Admixture Systems business of BASF has introduced the new GLENIUM® 7000 series high-range water-reducing admixtures that offer performance benefits for precast/prestressed concrete producers.

The backbone of the new GLENIUM® 7000 products is a series of next generation polycarboxylate polymers that offer producers the ability to maintain slump, workability and setting time while providing high early strength. This results in more consistent and higher quality concrete production and ultimately increased profitability for the contractor.

During numerous stages of product testing, we saw greater ability to maintain slump and air, as well as increased finishability and decreased set times. We believe that the addition of BASF admixtures allows us to give you the highest quality concrete while still providing the service we are known for.

BASF is well known for their expertise in Self Consolidationg Concrete (SCC) Rheodynamic Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) is the premier level of self-consolidating concrete available in the marketplace. The Rheodynamic SCC system, utilizing Glenium® HRWR's and Rheomac VMA's, provides mixture proportioning flexibility as well as the robustness needed to overcome moisture and batching variations.



An innovative, patented technology called 4x4™ Concrete System is a unique method for achieving high-early strength concrete. The name 4x4 Concrete originates from concrete that obtains at least 400 psi flexural strength within four hours of placement, a requirement of the California Department of Transportation. Some applications however, do not require this level of performance. The flexibility of 4x4 Concrete is such that it can be modified to meet many different specified strength criteria simply by adjusting the mixture proportions and admixture dosages.

For more information on the 4x4™ Concrete System please please visit the BASF 4x4™ Web Page.



Green Sense™ Concrete is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective concrete with optimized proportions in which supplementary cementitious materials, non-cementitious fillers, or both, are used with special Master Builders brand Glenium® high-range water-reducing admixtures to meet or exceed performance targets.

Green Sense™ Concrete is a new concrete that, relative to a baseline reference mix, attains desired setting characteristics, strength, durability, and, if needed, a higher slump at a reduced cost to the contractor. The innovative Green Sense™ Concrete allows producers to increase their profitability, provide the contractor with a user-friendly mix that pumps and places efficiently, and offers the opportunity to positively influence the environment.



MasterFiber™ MAC100, a synthetic macro-reinforcing fiber, is manufactured from a proprietary blend of polypropylene resins, in compliance with ASTM C 1116, “Standard Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Shotcrete.” MasterFiber™ MAC100 is specifically engineered for use as secondary reinforcement and provides excellent plastic shrinkage control and reduced settlement cracking. The MasterFiber™ MAC100 product provides increased flexural toughness and increases shatter and abrasion resistance, improving the concrete’s longterm durability and integrity. MasterFiber MAC100 is a true replacement for welded wire fabric, conventional light gauge steel reinforcement and steel fiber depending on the application.

For more information on MasterFiber™ MAC100 fibers, as well as our complete fiber line, please visit our Engineering Page.

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