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Product Performance

Comprehensive Strength4,000 psi
Slump4 - 6 inches
Water/Cement Ratio0.43
Shrinkage (ASTM C 157)4,000 psi
Absorbtion (ASTM 1585)Less than 1%

Rheo-Shield works to protect you from moisture related flooring problems in two ways:

  1. We have optimized the mix design to limit the amount of water in the mix. By limiting the water/cement ratio to 0.4, drying time will be reduced and the concrete will still have the finishability required.
  2. Rheoshield stops rewetting and reduces moisture vapor transfer. Use Rheo-Shield and an approved vapor barrier to prevent rain, snow, humidity, or onsite water from entering the concrete. By preventing this water ingress, Rheo-Shield reduces the relative humidity of the Slab per ASTM F 2170