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Coatings can be used as a barrier against moisture and vapor, but they have to be applied to completely dry concrete. Concrete rewets easily and takes a long time to dry again. Even if only a small area of concrete is wet, the whole floor installation may be delayed as a result. Vapor retarders do not protect against rewetting either. Crystalline solutions and coatings require the presence of water in order to operate, and may not achieve the promised MVER reduction and inhibit floor bonding if the concrete contains fly ash or slag.

With Rheo-Shield, you have the complete protection of an integral waterproofing approach. You are protected against both vapor and moisture seepage. Your floors can be easily applied and will last longer.

The Problem:

The Solution:

Workability Retention

Rheo-Shield maintains slump significantly longer than standard concrete mixtures. This slump retention is achieved without affecting rate of hardening or early age compressive strength development.

Absorption and Moisture Vapor Transfer

Rheo-Shield was developed with an integral admixture blend to drastically reduce absorption and water penetration. By preventing water ingress Rheo-Shield reduces the relative humidity of concrete slabs per ASTM F2170. Also, the admixture blend reduces moisture vapor transfer and prevents the natural spikes in moisture.