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It is estimated that over $1 billion dollars a year are spent by owners on remediating flooring due to moisture penetration. Huge areas of flooring may have to be replaced, causing disruption to a building site or to an occupied building.

With Rheo-Shield, you can protect against this.


  • Superior slump and workability retention without retardation
  • Reduce moisture vapor transmission through concrete
  • Prevent moisture entering concrete through wicking/capillary action
  • Excellent finishing characteristics
  • Greatly reduced concrete permeability
  • Superior protection against moisture damage to flooring


  • Reduced penetration of water and other liquids
  • Decreased freeze-thaw damage and increased long-term durability
  • Consistency in placement operations
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced construction time and related cost savings
  • Avoid delays, change orders, and call-backs related to flooring damage
  • Stops concrete rewetting and reduces moisture vapor transfer
  • Avoid unsightly floors – expansion, cupping, peaking, curling, buckling, bubbling, blistering, gapping / seam separation, debonding, delamination, adhesive failure, oozing/bleeding, warping, staining, efflorescence, discoloration, mold growth, mildew, fungi
  • Owners and specifiers – avoid legal claims and costs related to trip hazards
  • Specifiers – avoid the time and inconvenience of flooring issues from moisture damage
  • Reduce risk of adhesive bond failure
  • Reduce replacement and maintenance
  • Extend the life of flooring and reduce replacement frequency