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Rheo-Shield Concrete Guarantee

Certified Contractors

AVR, Inc. & Affiliates recognizes that not all concrete and concrete contractors are created equal. Therefore, Rheo-Shield is only installed by certified contractors who meet a higher standard of craftsmanship and knowledge. The Rheo-Shield System is backed by a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE. Consult the Rheo-Shield Guarantee Guidelines for additional details.

Should your concrete surface exhibit defects resulting from substandard materials or craftsmanship, AVR, Inc. & Affiliates and the certified contractor will work to repair or replace the concrete at no cost to the owner. The decision as to whether the defective concrete will be repaired or replaced shall be made at the sole discretion of the breaching party.

The owner agrees to the following:


AVR, Inc. & Affiliates only uses high quality gravels in the Rheo-Shield product. This product was manufactured to meet or exceed the Minnesota Department of Transportation Specification 3137.2.D.2 for aggregates to be used in bridge superstructures. However, all glacial gravels found in the state of Minnesota contain certain amounts of deleterious materials that cannot be economically removed during the production of aggregates. The Rheo-Shield guarantee covers coarse aggregate pop outs that exceed of an average of one per square yard. Concrete on projects that exceed this pop out frequency may not warrant a complete concrete removal and replacement. AVR, Inc. & Affiliates and/or the certified contractor reserve the right to repair or replace only the sections of the project that exceed the pop out frequency.


The Rheo-Shield Guarantee covers surface defects including delamination, scaling, and spalling. The occurrence of surface defects may not warrant a complete concrete removal and replacement. AVR, Inc. & Affiliates and/or the certified concrete contractor reserve the right to repair or replace only the sections of the project that exhibit excessive surface defects.


The Rheo-Shield Guarantee is a 5 year guarantee which protects the owner from substandard materials and or craftsmanship. The owner agrees that AVR, Inc. & Affiliates and certified contractor are separate entities, and each entity is liable solely for damages they are deemed responsible for.


The Rheo-Shield Guarantee is non-transferable from owner to owner.


No building material is 100% maintenance free and concrete is no exception. The owner of Rheo-Shield concrete must acknowledge that they play a role in preserving the durability and aesthetics of their investment. A few simple practices will extend the durability and aesthetics of the Rheo-Shield product.

The Rheo-Shield owner agrees to the following:

The owner should be advised not to use salt or other deicers during the first winter, especially if concrete is placed after September 15th and is not sealed with a penetrating sealer. It is suggested that sand be used instead.

Deicers containing salt and/or calcium chloride should, generally be safe for use on a quality concrete pavements after the first winter. Never use any deicer that contains either ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate. Anyone who buys a deicer under a brand name should read the label to see what it contains.

The owner should be advised that certain lawn fertilizers will chemically attack concrete. Care should be taken to avoid their contact with concrete. Pelletized fertilizers should be swept from concrete slabs before dissolving. Don’t use fertilizer for deicing purposes

Proper drainage must be maintained around concrete slabs. Improper drainage can cause heaving and settling which can damage the concrete.

Your certified contractor originally cured your concrete. Subsequent to the initial cure, the owner agrees to follow all guidelines as prescribed by AVR, Inc. & Affiliates above. Documentation that the recommended curing and sealing procedures were completed must be produced at the time a complaint is registered.

Late and early season placements are not advised. Placing concrete after September 15th or before March 15th significantly increases the risk of surface defects. As a result, the Rheo-Shield guarantee will not cover concrete poured and placed during that timeframe unless previously agreed to by AVR, Inc. in writing.