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Hard-CEM is engineered to provide concrete with superior hardness and improved durability for demanding construction projects. HARD-CEM is unique in its ability to enhance the integrity of air entrained and non air entrained concretes. Hard-CEM is a unique concrete hardener developed for ready-mix applications. Unlike surface hardeners which are labor intensive, problematic for quality control and unsuitable for air entrained concrete. HARD-CEM is added to the concrete mix during the batching operation. HARD-CEM is the only hardener of its kind that can be utilized in air-entrained concretes.



In addition to increased hardness for abrasion resistance, HARD-CEM provides a number of advantages for demanding concrete projects including:

  • Full depth concrete hardening
  • Extended concrete integrity
  • Long term economic value
  • Superior uniform quality controlled applications
  • Lower application costs
  • Better occupational safety during construction
  • Compatible with commonly used admixtures



HARD-CEM provides concrete advantages for industrial, transportation and water resources applications requiring enhanced hardness and durability including: paving, bridges, parkades, industrial floors, precast pipe, dams, spillways, stilling basins and erosion control structures. HARD-CEM can significantly extend the life of standard concrete. HARD-CEM is a functional filler additive (not a chemical admixture) which can be used in any concrete mix composition with no effect to the concrete qualities such as air-entrainment. HARD-CEM is a fine powder which handles similar to cement and is added during batching providing consistent quality and through-hardening of concrete.

Cementec Industries, Inc

HARD-CEM was engineered by Cementec for concrete subjected to mechanical (direct or water-borne) action causing erosion. Cementec is an award winning engineering, production and distribution company with special expertise in the research and development of proprietary products for the oil & gas and construction industries. Cementec is a member of ACI, the Transportation Research Board, and APEGGA.

Independent Testing


Independent testing shows that HARD-CEM can significantly increase the life expectancy for concrete subjected to mechanical erosion. HARD-CEM involved years of research and development including extensive performance testing. The Abrasion Resistance Test Program (ASTM C1363) was employed to measure the performance of HARD-CEM concrete compared to standard concrete. Test results showed the HARD-CEM concrete mixture can reduce abrasion loss by up to 66% compared to non-hardened (control) concrete.

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Abrasion Resistance (Air Entrained Concrete)
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