Features and Benefits

The many features and benefits of the award winning Booster Washout Tank® make it the obvious choice for controlling and containing chute wash water.

Low Maintenance

Because the Booster Washout Tank® uses no pumps or air lines there is little to maintain. Greasing two bearings that are part of the tank cradle is all that is required.

Aggregate Washing

The large perforated bucket retains washed aggregate, allowing for simple on-site disposal.

No Freezing

The Booster Washout Tank® empties out clean on each use leaving nothing to freeze in cold weather conditions.

No-Spill Transport

The wash water slurry is put back in the drum without the use of pumps or airlines. This keeps the washwater securely contained for transport off the job.

Simple Operation

The Booster Washout Tank® uses an end chute and the truck's existing booster to capture and lift the tank back to the drum. A simple hand cable releases the hose, allowing gravity to drain the wash water into the drum.

Light Weight

The end chute weighs approximately 25 pounds. The tank itself is permanently mounted to the booster axle.

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